Thursday, 26 March 2009

long i know

yep i know its been a long time since posting but after last season i needed a lay off.

so have been doing some carpentry with a friend and ....

managed to get my hands on these two old scramblers

so now i just got to get em together and head off into the woods to see the oh so secret spots

hope you are all well summers coming

mimizan has had a few waves this week and heres hoping for more

now wheres that spanner ???????

Sunday, 1 March 2009

making bags

have been making some boardbags for chanel this week so took the camera in and snapped some pics
the tartan is not for chanel just for a fish bag im making
i have been making bags for over 12 years and make them for anyone i even print your own logos on them if you order 10
so if you need a bag for a special board or want something different mail me for a price
ive got some more mini simmons coming along
also making cloth bags real old school just a nice dust cover
will post up pics again soon