Wednesday, 5 December 2007

the stubbies frankenstien brother

After riding and selling countless stubbies we decided it was time for a change.our specially blown blanks were ordered and the new version started to come to life.....

rich decided that the tail needed looking at and after building handfulls of quads this summer he decieded that a bat tail would be worth a look...i made sure that we would head down the twin fin route and by using eaton style bonzer fins modified and made of hd foam we were off

welll here she is

the first surf was held in shoulder high peaky waves and i think im still griining from the speed and manouverability of a board that everyone who looked at it said it wont your minds....

this is a board that will amaze you swing by the factory for a closer look

or keep your eyes out in the sw of franceim in the water with her

anyway back to the balsa fish

speak soon